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Hedgehog Facts:
The very first hedgehog show was held in Tacoma Washington, USA, on October 22, 1995.  Close to 100 shows across the United States and Canada have been held since.

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An individual or a group can apply to become an IHA approved rescue. In the case of a group, one person must agree to supervise the group's activities, and that person would be the one who would submit the application for approval to the IHA. That person must meet the following requirements:
age 18 or older
1 or more years of experience with hedgehogs or willingness to work with a mentor
must have a veterinarian available who is knowledgeable or willing to learn about hedgehogs
must be able to provide rescue hedgehogs with 2 or more square feet of floor space per hedgehog, clean water, appropriate food, and a comfortable room temperature
must be willing to obtain veterinary care for each rescue animal as needed
must be able to provide a minimum 30 day quarantine separate from other animals in the household for each rescue hedgehog that comes in, shorter or longer pending a clean bill of health from a veterinarian
must have any local/state or province/federal licensure that applies
must be willing to maintain records and provide quarterly reports to the IHA rescue committee
must agree not to seek personal profit from hedgehogs obtained as rescue and agree to no breeding of rescue hedgehogs
Benefits that rescues will receive from IHA approval are:
a listing in the newsletter and on the IHA rescue web page. For rescues in areas where hedgehogs are illegal, NO direct contact info will be given out; any contacts will be made through the rescue chair, who will forward any inquiries to that rescue's coordinator so that anonymity can be maintained for the protection of the rescue!
If you would like to submit an application, you can find more information here . Submission of an application is an agreement to be in compliance with the requirements stated above.

Please Note:
Recognition as a rescue requires approval of the IHA Rescue Committee. Applicants not approved as an IHA recognized rescue shall be informed of the reason(s) for non-approval and what measures, if any, may be undertaken to remedy the situation and merit reconsideration.

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